Dishwasher Review: Integrated Beko DW602

It's hardly believable, for all the food lovingly cooked at Pebble Soup HQ, for all these years, the washing up has been done in the sink but this is about to change thanks to my new best friend Beko DW602. To meet it click on the video below


The Delivery process was rather exciting as you can imagine. Appliances-on- Line had arranged delivery on a fixed date with a four hours window. Which is something of note and very much appreciated. Waiting all day for a delivery or having to pay extra for the privilege of waiting a whole half day only is not  on.
 A call arrived early morning to let me know that it was D-Day, a little later the delivery driver rang to reduce the window even further. I started to love my dishwasher already. 10 out 10 for organisation.
Drivers arrived moaning and groaning because the kitchen is downstairs. They were playing to the gallery since Beko DW602 is a light as a ballerina with its 46kgs only.
What do we look for in a dishwasher? Let's be pragmatic and start with the price, this is one of the cheaper integrated dishwasher on the market. with a price tag around £250, 10 out of 10 for the price.

Now for the next priory, the energy rating rated on a scale from A+++ to D, it has been awarded A.
But for all this, there is not loss of functionality. It provides a selection of 5 programmes from pre-wash/no heat  to intensive at 70C and an half load, programmes certainly cover the whole range.  It has some interesting features such as the movable Cutlery basket which rolls allowing the saucepans to seat nicely at the back. It accommodates 12 plates, the top basket is adjustable and the bottom rack collapsible. The design may be more basic than the top of the range but every important aspect has been covered.
The noise level  being an important factor when choosing an appliance. This is quiet

Beko DW602 has been running for a few days and I am very pleased with the results, only one very sticky muffin tray came out with still one spot all the rest has been sparkly as it should. No water was left on the top of mugs all in all 9.5 out of 10 for performance.

Integrated or not? It looks so much neater when the appliance is hidden away. It was easy to plumb in. It has special feet to adjust the height so that it fits right under the work surface. The instructions are clear drawing but I would not have felt confident to do it myself. It took an hour for a team of two professionals to complete the work.

 Time will tell how solid it is. On a lighter note He who has been doing most of the dish-washing over the years, has now chained his indignant self to the sink. How could I even think of swapping him with a new model. Appliances on line offered to recycle him to an unknown depot but that is not going to happen.

This is a sponsored post - Appliances on line provided a Beko DW602 for the pupose of this review. I was not asked to write a positive review, the opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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