Come & Dine with Me, Taylor Wimpey Dinner Party Competition Entry

Update: Since I last wrote this post, winners of the Taylor Wimpey Dinner Party Competition have been announced- Pebble Soup won the prize for its Seared Tuna Salad with Guacamole as best starter course. I would also like to highlight that this gadget will definitely be on the table.

tuna salad, guacamole

Come and Dine with me never really appealed as a TV program, the snooping in somebody's else bedroom is way OTT. The Taylor Wimpey Dinner Party  is much nicer. Bloggers are invited to enter a fantasy Come and Dine with Me where the focus is on food not on sexy underwear. The brief is to describe the menu bloggers would cook if...
With my hostess tiaira firmly wedged on my chef's hat, I thought about what would my guests fancy as welcome drink.

Every meal has a theme, even if on an every day base it is not a glamourous one, such as "what do I have in the fridge which matches my mood?". 

Of course for a dinner party, the deal is slightly different the starter, the main and the dessert need to flow and be full of flavour. If the menu can make a statement so much the better but the overall success is always guaranteed if the host has allowed time to mingle with the guests.

Vanilla Vodka Cocktail
My Perfect Vanilla Cocktail is a Vodka Vanilla, Cranberry juice and Raspberry liqueur in a Collins glass
Seared tuna salad with guacamole
Fresh and substainable tuna thinly sliced, spiced to perfection with a guacamole to contrast the colours served with a light soy dressing

Braised shoulder of lamb with in-season vegetables

A slow cooked recipe allows the host to enjoy quality time with the guests. Cooked in wine, rosemary and lots of vegetables, this is full of flavour and melts in the mouth.

 Lemon tart with basil syrup
One which never fail to impress, very lemony with a hint of sweetness and quirkiness provided by the basil syrup.
Time to talk wine: alway tricky when there is fish and meat to choose one wine but since money is no object I will go for a Vintage Champagne Brut. 

If you would like to enter the competition and create your menu you will need to email your entry to email your entry to The competition closes on 30th June 2013 and four winners will be chosen in total: one for each individual course, who win £100 each, plus £250 for the best overall menu


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