Garlic Honey Soya Sauce Marinade with Pork Chops

 Garlic Honey Soya Sauce Marinade with Pork Chops
 The reason behind the posting gaps lately is that I had to keep a secret. I was commissioned as a ghost writer and ghosts don't talk. So a book later, I am back talking away.....of course not about the book.

Instead what about talking soya, Kikkoman and their Best Blogger Recipe Competition? Kikkoman, provider of soya sauces is looking for a recipe which proves what a versatile seasoning soya sauce really is. With the express condition that this recipe should not be oriental.

This, really is a bit of a challenge since  it doesn't matter how wise you are with ingredients, soya sauce will always add a little of the oriental to a recipe.
Be ready, here come the geeky bit: soya sauce originated 2 000 years ago, the recipe has changed very little since. It's made by combining crushed soya beans with wheat, salt, water and a yeast based plant culture called koji. It is left fermenting for between 6 months and 3 years.
There are two basic types of soy sauce: the light and the dark, the difference is a matter of consistency and salt used.
I chose this recipe out of necessity, while working away on the book, meals had to be tasty but quick. I opted for a reduced salt soya sauce because of the marinade which uses a lot of soya sauce to infuse the meat so the less salt the better.
And now for the Defence Statement: Is  Garlic Honey Soya Sauce Marinade with Pork Chops oriental? well it's debatable. Garlic and honey are universal and ancient products. In fact significantly both where found together in Egyptian tombs and grilling is a cooking method used every where.
Pork meat can be a bit "though" when grilled, one of the way to tenderise it, is to marinate it overnight. Get your plastic bag ready for
 Garlic Honey Soya Sauce Marinade with Pork Chops

pork chops
4 tbsp soy sauce
3 tbsp clear honey      
4 clove garlic peeled and finely chopped
 Cayenne pepper or chilli flakes to taste

The night before mix all the ingredients (except the chops) in a plastic bag, preferably one of the resealable one, Combine well. Failing this, drop the bag use a small deep plate, as the marinade needs to cover the chops.

Transfer the chops to the bag and refrigerate.

Heat the sunflower oil in a large frying pan and fry the pork chops for a couple of minutes each side. Transfer the chops to a grill. Grill for 4-5 minutes each side.

Disclaimer: I received free products to test recipes with Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Less Salt and Teriyaki Marinade.



Lynn said...

i made this on sunday for out BBQ and it was delicious, just the right amount of each ingredient that it wasn't overpowering of any of them and the meat still tasted meaty. Just be careful not to overcook them.

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

Thank Lynn, Always wonderful to know that recipes work in somebody's kitchen or in this case garden



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