Give Away #32 : Hotel Chocolat - Advent Calendar For two - worth £26.00

Together is better we all know that. As I was ready to write a tribute to the beauty and warmth of togetherness, it occurred to me that indeed there were rather to many exceptions to the rule. If together has its place, similarly, sharing can be very inconvenient.
It's never been truer than when faced with an advent calendar. From Childhood we are told to share what is behind the small window, opened each morning with anticipation, but to be honest, it has never felt quite right to hand out the long awaited surprise to somebody else. 
But things are looking up. Not long ago, advent calendars where kids stuff only. As an adult, it looked a  little odd when you announced that you "wanted one" too. Then, marketing caught up on the idea and appeared a number of advent calendars containing adult treats. 
Great but how does one share each little goody?
Hotel Chocolat came up with the perfect solution. An Advert Calendar for Two.
And now, I am sharing it with you. Not my own calendar, you'll understand. That would be silly. No, you can have your own.

Good luck


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