What's New in the Kitchen #12 : Like, Love, Adore

In the past few months, Pebble Soup HQ has received a few products for review.

One I liked
Having been crowned "Cook Like a Celebrity" champion boosted my baking confidence. Telling the world that I am a baking disaster is not appropriate any longer but I am still shaky on the cake and biscuits front and I like to play safe.
The new Easy Bake Non-Stick Bacofoil paper, non-stick on both sides so there is no need to grease is a handy tool for a good result. I used it with the French Bread and Butter Pud: Le Pudding.

One I loved

We travel the Chablis route before. This is a reminder that wine pairing is as important as choosing a festive menu. If you are looking for a fresh and lively wine over the next couple of months for fish and poultry terrine or simply for a pre-dinner drink, with bottle of Chablis Appellation d'origine controlee nothing can go wrong.
Be aware though The name "Chablis" has long been usurped and sometimes still is. There is only one true Chablis and it's from France.

One I adored
My favourite product this term.

Since the demise of the much loved and used Tefal express. Looking for a replacement has not been easy. So it was with delight and a little apprehension that I tried one of the Microplane® Gourmet Series  

It's an excellent grater which comes in three colours for all of us who are a little obsess by making sure that our gadgets look as good as they perform.

It's fast and best of all it grates in both directions.
For example take cheese instead of the normal grated cheese we know it produces curls of thin ribbons. There is a lot of science behind the series and it seems to work.
The result is light and thin ribbons.

As usual, I will be doing a Xmas round up so join me again 

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