Make it Easy - Cook Book Review - with Roast Butternut Squash, Blue Cheese, Parma Ham, Walnuts Recipe

It's said that we cook on average no more than 5 recipes out of any cookbook. Therefore when I received Make it Easy by Jane Lovett for review my jaw dropped: This book contains over 3/4 of the recipes, I cook regularly.
This is a cookbook from a home cook for home cooks. The photography is beautiful, the recipes have a "solid feel" to them. Fool-proof, simple, not frightening are the words, on the cover used to describe this collection of 100 recipes.
Jane works with fresh products from her kitchen garden and with local producers, a common thread with Pebble Soup HQ, though my kitchen garden is slightly grander as I rely on The Queen Orchard's in Greenwich Park where I volunteer.

In the fullness of each season, she confronts the gluts conundrum: what to do with.... all this basil, for example : pesto. Her influences are cosmopolite leaning on Asian and Italian/French recipes. She talks about Tartiflette, readers may remember the Tommiflette.
Made it Easy emphasizes getting much of the work done ahead of time which is a plus in the festive season. I am considering making her savoury Palmiers for Christmas evening do but to start with I tried my hand at Roast Butternut Squash with Blue Cheese, Parma Ham and Walnuts.

 Click here to watch the recipe explained step-by-step by the author herself.
Disclaimer: words are my own, I was sent a complimentary copy of Make it Easy for review. RRP £12.99

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