Tefal Sensorielle Stir-Fry Pan : Product Review

Wave if you remember this?

 Unless you cook Asian cuisine on a very regular basis, the old fashion wok is the kind of ustensile which is used once in a blue moon. Moreover once used, it tends to get forgotten and languishes in the kitchen cupboard for ever.  Cumbersome, difficult to heat to correct temperature and impossible to clean, the traditional wok is brilliant....in theory.

Enters the Tefal Sensorielle 28 cm Non-Stick Stir-fry Pan, retail price at £29.00 :
Once the ridiculous marketing jargon, intensium non-stick + resistal base + Thermo-spot technology, translated, I was keen to give it a go. My first stir-fry "tuna steaks and stir-fry vegetables" was perfectly cooked.

I will not be able to comment on the intensium non-stick or in plain English the long-term non-stick, just yet. Tefal claims that most metal utensils except knifes and whisks can be used. This stir-fry pan looks very solid, a quality product. It is certainly deep and large enough to fry for a family of 4 and it is light which makes tossing comfy and easy.
The red dot: I was ever so sceptical about the thermo-spot technology but it works well. When the pan reaches the correct temperature the dot turns solid red. However what sold it to me is that the Tefal Sensorielle Stir-Fry Pan fries without oil, how cool is that?

The pan works on induction, it is dishwasher safe with the usual proviso.
My conclusion: I am not giving it back and it is not going to disappear in the cupboard's Bermuda triangle.

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