A French Classic : Quiche Lorraine

As we know Lorraine is not the only quiche, one can add whatever takes one fancies to this dish, from fish to vegetable, however if there are many ways of making a quiche, there is only one classic quiche Lorraine and that has got to be an open tarte with bacon, egg and cream dot

The pastry
I read that originally, centuries ago, the pastry was bread dough, may be so but today we are faced with three possibilities and bread dough is not one of them. Puff, shortcrust bought or home-made, take your pick, either of the three work.
It may be a crime to buy shortcrust pastry as it is so simple to make, but it is even simpler to buy.

The filling 
Cheese will add nothing to this dish, on the contrary it might just make it too salty. Simplicity makes this dish good. Chunky bacon, cream and here personally I make a concession and cut the cream with milk on account of the calories and whole eggs. A good quiche needs to rise and mixing the ingredients with a whisk helps.

Nutmeg or no nutmeg
Yes to nutmeg, just a pinch to tease the taste buds


3 eggs
225g double cream and 30ml milk
150g thick chopped bacon
1 ready to roll sheet of shortcrust pastry
a pinch of nutmeg + pepper

Preheat the oven to gas mark 6/220C.
Unroll the pastry and place in a large (23cm) flan dish (or use anything else metal and large could be rectangular)
In a bowl whisk all eggs, cream, milk. Add seasoning
Place the bacon on the pastry
Pour the mixture over
Place in the oven and cook (without opening the door) for 35 minutes.
Retrieve from the oven, careful, fingers, it is hot. Leave it to rest for 5 minutes, cut and serve. It is also delicious cold.

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