2016 is over and not a moment too soon

I was determined not to write a 2016 Round-Up. Though it had been a rather good year on a personal level, it didn't seem decent to rejoice in view of the atrocious events happening around the world.

Then, this morning I looked at Pebble Soup's statistics and noticed something which made me change my mind. The top recipe, the blog post most visited in 2016, was "I Like my Pizza from Syria". Written in 2008, it's an early blog post, 

Somehow, it reassured me that thousands of people would, for a minute, associate Syrian life with something else than brutality and horrors. It reminded me of Jeremy Bowen' Twitter feed where the BBC Middle East correspondent, from time to time,  tweets pictures of food. In a 2014, in a NewStateman article, he explains his motivation for doing so, "Because it is important to show how people live as well as how they die".

Happy New Year. Let's get out there and make it happen x

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